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Keep Chic and Wear Scarfs

How to wear scarf

A scarf can turn an ordinary look (well, sometimes you just pull on clothes you first spot available in your wardrobe) into a next-to-perfect one. If you are absolutely in love with scarfs like I am and you wear them not only to keep warm but as an accessory for your outfits, I could provide you with some examples which I hope will be new to you.

The history of the scarf goes back to ages. Chinese soldiers wore them to protect themselves against wind and cold weather as early as in 260 BC. Scarfs became an accessory in the 17th century, when the Sun King Louis XIV saw them on Croatian soldiers and immediately ordered similar ones for himself. He wore them as an accessory matching with best and casual suits. More than that, a little later he made a scarf (or, to be more precise, a steinkirk) a hallmark of nobility. Thus, you can easily regard scarf as a classy accessory.

How to Wear a Scarf to Compliment Your Body Type?

  • If you are petite, a long and not very thick scarf will help you visually gain your vertical proportions for a few centimeters.
  • If your body type is called pear, twist your scarf around the neck to make some volume, and your chest will look much fuller.
  • Your body type is inverted triangle? If so, avoid wrapping thick scarf around your neck. If you wear knitted scarf, let it stripes hang loosely, and that’s will be it.

How to Wear Scarfs when It’s Cold?

Say, like this:

Winter trend | Oversized scarfs

In fall, winter and spring you could wear your scarf with a leather or suede jacket and boyfriend jeans:

Scarf and hat - Casasilk

Make sure that only one piece accentuates your look.  It is absolutely unnecessary that it be a scarf – a plaid skirt will do pretty well:

Beanie LOVE

If you have at your disposal a couple of scarves, one of them will surely fit your coat. Make sure that color scheme of your scarf matches up with the colors of your outfit.

I believe the set would look pretty much better if there were a wool or cashmere scarf:

Peacoat and Plaid Scarf

At winter weekends go for a bright color and trendy silhouette, say, for a red cocoon coat, boyfriend jeans and, of course,  a cozy scarf. To calm down the colors, take a brown handbag and wear brown boots:

Blue coat
Set Blue coat by user ansev and blue jeans
Get the look with the help of a checked scarf, a black dress and a coat in orange or green, or in any other color you like:
Orange Papaya coat

When you wrap a tartan scarf on a sweatshirt in sports style and put on ripped jeans, go for glamorous accessories. Eclecticism is in vogue, so feel free to wear fake gold earrings, watches or whatever you feel up to.

Jeans, boots, a checkered scarf

Jeans, boots, a checkered scarf

Source photos via Pinterest, post-processing by Holy Chic

I love the color combination of blue and green. Strange enough that some twenty years ago a mix of blue and green was considered a disappointing one.

Jeans and a Scarf

If you are about to make a style statement, be sure to buy a fuchsia scarf or a shawl. Wear it with an outfit in neutrals and enjoy a showstopper effect. In summer you could  change neutral blacks into whites.

Get the look

When spring blooms out, put on your best basics – a beige trench coat, jeans and a white shirt. To reflect spring with all your look, add a silk scarf with a floral print to your outfit:

Blue printed scarf | Casasilk - Sasha Luss

Probably you have a cardigan or a tunic length vest like you see on the photoset to comply a similar look in spring. You’d better have a talking leather belt and a lavish neck piece in country style:

Statement Scarf...Casasilk 4

A scarf of a delicate silk will complement an outfit in classic or business style. If, say, your office dress code is rather strict and you should wear a suit to work, a scarf will add elegance to your look and light up it.

Dream of Eden Scarf
Scarf matches up with every outfit

Scarf matches up with every outfit

How about tartan scarfs? Look at the photo and make a decision:

Looks with tartan scarfs

Looks with tartan scarfs

As simple as twice two makes four: a plaid scarf, a grey sweater, boyfriend jeans, boots and a Michael Kors bag. Or it’s not that simple as it seems?:)

2512. Plaid Scarf

That’s how Emma Watson wears her scarfs to pepper up casual outfits:

Emma Watson wearing scarfs

Emma Watson wearing scarfs

How to wear a scarf in summer?

When you put on your jeans or denim shorts with a white / striped tee, finish your look with the help of a scarf  that  mixes well with your bag or sandals or both:

Summer Scarf
summer scarf

I like when it’s simple and with taste. Have a look, the colors aren’t bright, silhouettes are unsophisticated, but it looks nice-nice-nice:

Style a Summer Scarf
Style a Summer Scarf: STELLA MCCARTNEY

And here a green-and-blue scarf goes, I’ve mentioned it already, that’s the summer edition:

Scarf, jeans and rock-n-roll

Scarf, jeans and rock-n-roll

Below you can see a summer outfit consisting of a Marni dress, a silk leopard print scarf and ballet elegant shoes. I’ve seen same dress in Zara by the way.

Go after Dreams not People

Meet Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo introducing scarfs for you:

That's how they wear it

That’s how they wear it Photo via Trendy-U

Look cool & holy chic:)

Tanya Pochtennykh

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