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Women’s Basic Wardrobe: Top Ten

Women's Basic Wardrobe: Top Ten

Women’s basic wardrobe is like music. Just imagine: like musicians creating their divine melodies with the help of just seven notes, in the same manner a women can make lots of looks in various styles by means of a limited number of clothing.

Sure, it’s not only basics that make your look & style. The wardrobe of a modern woman consists of trendy pieces which she wears for a couple of seasons. These trendy attire is like the addition to the seven basic notes in music – staccato, pizzicato, keys, halftones and so on, and without them a melody would have been dull. But if you don’t know the basic solfeggio, you’ll never play a show piece.

The same with clothes: if you don’t have smart basic clothes up to taste, you’ll never get your personal style.

Must Have #1: Little Black Dress


In a sense a Little Black Dress is like chameleon in fashion, as depending on the accessories chosen you can create an infinitive number of looks. Try your little black dress with boots, sneakers, stilettos, scarfs, shirts, cardigans, parkas and nobody even guess you have just one basics piece for numerous looks.

Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses

Must Have #2: Beige Trench Coat

Beige is the color of skin, so it feels like nude in a way. It looks both bourgeois and… well, sexy in a way. Moreover, beige is a neutral color so it mixes great with every outfit in every style. A beige trench coat is nearly as diverse as a little black dress is.

Beige trench

Beige trench

Must Have # 3: White Shirt / Blouse

If you a teenager or a young woman, opt for silk, lace, cotton, and whatever else blouse. Pieces that long ago in the Stone Age originally belonged to men – a white shirt and pants / jeans – will look perfect on you, especially if you underline the contrast between Yin and Yang with some feminine pieces like a glamorous necklace, high heels, a shock of hair and… your signature smile, of course).

White blouse is a must have

White blouse is a must have

If you are a woman of elegant age, avoid lace and/or transparent blouses. Pick up something like this:

Women Basics

Women Basics

Must Have of Women’s Basic Wardrobe # 4: Pencil / Full Skirt

A pencil skirt is a very classy piece of women’s basic wardrobe, as it was specially designed  to emphasize women’s hips and at the same time visually “pull” her vertical proportions.

Depending on your age, the length of the skirt can be either just above the knee, knee or below the knee length. A pencil skirt looks elegant with blouses, sweaters or cardigans and blazers.

If you have inverted triangle body shape, you’d better choose a full skirt, as it’s silhouette will balance your curves.

Full skirts

Women’s Basic Wardrobe #5: Jeans

Jeans is a must of every wardrobe regardless of sex and age, and it seems to me it would sound stupid if I start advocating for jeans. They look smart and fit comfortably.

Women in jeans

The only thing that really matters is the cut of the jeans, so just find the pair of denim pants that works best with your body shape. Jeans can both spoil and improve your curves, so just look carefully for a pair that compliments your hips best.

Choosing a basic pair of jeans for a cool street style look, do not to try to save as much as possible and never buy really a cheap one. It’s better to wait for a discount in a hi-end clothes store. Or be ready to throw the jeans away in a season-time.

There is same lady on both photos taken same day. The only things different here is the jeans:


Must Have #6: Black Pants

Black wool pants must fit you just perfectly, and you should never agree for less. Literally, it means that they must hide your tummy (if by chance it exists) and gently lift your butt. If you find your your perfect pair of pants, take two pairs at once: it will save you from a long search for a new one in future.

If you include black pants in your basic wardrobe, you will be able to create as lots of looks in every style – from casual to business one.

If you have slender legs, opt for black chinos.

Black pants

Must Have #7: Blazer

A well-fitting blazer is another key piece in your wardrobe. Pair it with a blouse and a skirt/pants when going to your office. At weekends you could wear a blazer with jeans and loafers/sneakers. Going to a party? – Just change flats to high heels and take a clutch instead of a tote.

Women's blazers

Women’s blazers

Must Have # 8: Cardigan & Sweaters

Opt for at least two sweaters for your basic wardrobe – a cozy cable-knit sweater and a cashmere one.

Cardigan – is a key piece for spring and summer. You could wear it with jeans, a black little dress, a top, a tank and other closing you buy for a season or two. The list is nearly endless.

Sweats & Cardigans are must haves

Sweats & Cardigans are must haves

Must Have of Women’s Basics # 9: Coat

Again, it’s highly advisable  to have two coats – of a light- and dark-colored scheme. Bear in mind that if you have a good coat on, it doesn’t matter what exactly you have underneath – some cheap pants or a cotton Zara dress purchased a couple of years ago. Buy a coat on discounts, and you’ll save a considerable sum of money on it.

Women's coats

# 10 Last but not Least: Parka

Sure, it depends on where you live, but if it’s cold in winter in your area or you enjoy skiing and try to spend your winter holiday in the mountains, you won’t get away with a parka.

Nice parkas

Nice parkas

So, that’s the list of basic clothing. Needless to say you’ll need tees, a business suit if you work, trainers, checked shirt and lots of thing to look perfect from day to night at any season. Moreover, I didn’t include shoes, bags and accessories in the list – there would have been too many words in the article:). I’ll write about the issues at a later date.

What do you think? Did I miss any important item? Tell me about it.

Look cool & holy chic;)

Tanya Pochtennykh

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