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11 Trends SS 2016 and One Journey

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016

What to wear in spring and summer to look trendy and feel confident? Let’s chat about latest fashion trends SS 2016.

I am not sure all trends are wearable 100% (e.g. Trend#8) in any situation, however, most of them provide a huge space for creativity.

Here the list of these trends are:

  1. Bright colors, floral and geometric prints;
  2. Retro style of 70’s, and Gucci is the King of the Trend;
  3. Off shoulder dresses and blouses;
  4. Stripes – of all sizes and directions – horizontal, vertical and diagonal ones
  5. Oversize, color blocks and asymmetrical cuts;
  6. Ruffles and frills on dresses, blouses, skirts, in other words, wherever possible;
  7. Dresses, blouses and even jackets with voluminous sleeves;
  8. Dresses that look like nightgowns;
  9. Metallic colors;
  10. Sporty clothing;
  11. Denim and jeans.

Trend №1: Bright Personality

Trendy Colors and Floral Prints for Spring and Summer 2016

If there is something to follow and never make an effort to overcome and set your own style, it is the Nature. Say, buy summer dress in the color of the sky, add accessories that are as yellow as the Sun, and that’s will be it – your best choice possible.

The Nature knows pretty well  how to mix colors, put your trust in it and mirror the combinations it provides.

Bright Colors for SS 2016

Such outfits may be too bright for the office, but summer is for vacations, is it not?

Bright Colors for Spring and Summer 2016

Trend # 2: Retro 70’s Style Outfits for Spring and Summer 2016

Actually, this trend is no surprise – the previous season witnessed the upheaval of retro 60’s.
Gucci outplayed the trend like only a brand with Italian roots can.

Retro 70's Flair Outfits SS 2016

Trend #3 SS 2016: Off-Shoulder Dresses and Tops

Even sweaters and tops are off-shouldered this spring, and you could pair them with casual pieces like joggers, jeans, overalls or shorts.

Off-shoulder Pieces for Spring and Summer 2016
It’s a very glamour and sexy trend, and celebrities and stars have been using it for a while:

Off-shoulder dress by Erdem on Alexa Chang

Fashion Trend #4 SS 2016: Stripes of All Kinds

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, clear and blurry – I have seen them in any width and in various colors. I’m sure you’ll be able to buy striped pieces that will visually hide all you feel like hiding, and will add volume to the areas you might feel like enlarging.
It’ll be extremely easy to balance proportions with the help of stripes in spring and summer 2016.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016: stripes

While Ralph Lauren by force of habit went nautical – models in his show were wearing clothing in white, blue and red, Stella McCartney offered multicolored striped outfits in sports style.
Max Mara introduced striped business and casual outfits for spring and summer 2016.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016: Stripes

Striped tops, trench coats, dresses, trousers and skirts were seen at Prada, Christian Dior, Mc Carntey, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani SS 2016.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016: Stripes by Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion Trend #5 SS 2016: Oversize, Asymmetrical Cuts & Color Blocks

It’s impossible to divide this trend into tree different ones, as you often see all of them within the frame of one look. It’s a kind of a fashion love triangle, I guess.

Color blocks, Asymmetry and Oversized Pieces are in Vogue in Spring and Summer 2016

Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni’s Creative Director, does not have a basic education in the field of design, but she mixes vivid colors, asymmetrical pieces and oversized forms like a profound virtuoso. Her husband and concurrently – chief executive officer of the Marni brand, Gianni Castiglioni, says that Consuelo was born a designer. Judging by Marni collection for spring and summer 2016, he is absolutely right.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016: Asymmetry, Oversize and Color Blocking

Trend #6: Go Romantic and Wear Pieces with Frills

Spring and summer is the time when romantic style with its playful elements – ruffles and frill – is in demand. This season frills and ruffles are literally everywhere – on hems, sleeves, coquettes and even straps.

Ruffles are in Vogue in spring and summer 2016

Michael Kors introduces dresses and skirts with a flair of retro 70’s style, Oscar de la Renta believes that a pencil skirt made of denim or wool is perfectly suitable for frills.

Dresses with Ruffles in Romantic Style SS 2016 by Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta

Indeed, chiffon is the best fabric for a romantic style dress. They can’t but treat you like a lady, just try it on and make sure of it.

Outfits in romantic key SS 2016 were seen at Michael Kors, Giambattista Valli, Oscar de la Renta, J.W. Anderson, Erdem, Rodarte and other.

Chiffon Summer Dresses SS 2016

Fashion Trend #7 SS 2016: Voluminous Sleeves

The trend is pretty, but if you have an inverted triangle body type, do not wear blouses or dresses that add volume to your shoulders. However, you could try on, say, a blouse with additional volume on cuffs thus adding some volume to your hips.

Seen at Christian Dior, Fendi, Simon Rocha and Lanvin RTW SS 2016.

Popular Trends SS 2016: voluminous sleeves

Fashion trend №8 SS 2016: Too Refined and Expensive to be a Nightgown, so Let It Be a Dress

Evening dresses made of silk, chiffon, satin and lace have one thing in common – they are so subtle and refined that they resemble nightgowns.

Not sure they are appropriate to lots of occasions, still, the trend is really robust.

You could find such dresses in Alexander Wang, both in his collection of the same name, and in the collection which he created in the framework of the contract with Balenciaga, as well as at Saint Laurent, Céline, Burberry and some other collections.

Atheleisure Outfits for Spring and Summer 2016

Fashion Trend #9: Go Metallic

This trend was on 3 years ago, topped the charts for several seasons and then was substituted by outfits made of golden fabrics.

The spring-summer 2016 RTW fashion shows witnessed lots of shimmering and sparkling dresses, skirts and tops, and if you wish you will be certainly able to find clothing in any style that literally reflects the trend.

Seen at Vetemens, Isabel Marant, Lacoste, Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Loewe and Maison Magriela’s Collections SS 2016.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016: Metallic Fabrics

Fashion Trend #10: Outfits in Sports Style SS 2016

I won’t speculate upon the topic what is primary – consciousness or being – it’s just a Fashion Trend Report SS 2016 and nothing more. However, when you look through pics & looks of Fashion Weeks in New-York, London, Milan and Paris and see that lots of beauties are wearing pieces that decidedly belong to sports style, you might again and again come to the conclusion that clothing always mirror life. And if sport becomes a trend in a society, this trend will spread not only on a street fashion, but will sooner or later reach higher fashion.

Atheleisure Outfits for Spring and Summer 2016

You might hear that the word athleisure defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use” will appear in Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2016.

Any key you like – high (Versace) or low (Paco Rabanne, Hood by Air or Rag & Bone) – will do. The only thing that matters is the creativity of your pieces in athleisure style.

Sports Style Clothing at fashion Weeks SS 2016

Fashion Trend SS 2016 #11: Denim for your Life and Style, i.e., for your Lifestyle

Denim came to higher fashion from streets a couple of years ago and has established there quite firmly since then. Even fashion houses that previously relied exclusively on sophisticated decor and refined fabrics, now include dresses, skirts and trousers from the old school denim in their collections and decorate it as if it were Victorian style velvet.

Thus, the creative director of Alexander McQueen Fashion House decorated denim trench coats  and tops with Swarovski stones.

Well, why I ask not.

Fashion Trends SS 2016: Total Denim

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, never misses a chance to amaze the audience. And if  for previous Chanel fashion show he installed a Parisian street and recreated all its flavor – with all signboards, cozy cafes and even puddles on fake cobblestones, this year in the same hotel – Grand Palais – he built… The Chanel Airlines Airport!

Chanel RTW Collection Show SS 2016

To say that the show turned grandiose is to say nothing at all. Models were dressed in accordance with Lagerfeld’s idea of how to dress when going on a journey. It is impossible not to draw parallels – journey in literature and movies has been an allusion to life and the way of life.

That’s how these outfits shall look like, according to Lagerfeld.

Total Denim in Spring and Summer 2016

So, that’s one pic with all SS 2016 trends, and that’ll be it.

Fashion Trend Report SS 2016

All images – Pinterest.com, post-processed by Holy-Chic

Stay cool & holy chic:)

Tanya Pochtennykh

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