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6 Key Swimsuit Trends Summer 2016: Twisted Straps, B & W and Fringe

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Summer is coming and we prepared for our overview of the most fashionable swimsuit for the beach season 2016. To make a swimsuit fashion report and analyze trends, we’ve been watching Resort Swim Week in Miami and Victoria’s Secret Swimwear SS 2016 Show.

You can’t but agree that the right choice of swimsuit is the key to a successful holiday, as a swimsuit helps insure a sense of confidence in your beauty. So the main thing for you is to choose the style and color that best compliments your body type and your appearance.

So, see the photos and choose your swimsuit(s) for the summer).

Swimsuit Trend #1: Twisted Straps

2016 Resort 2016 Swim Week in Miami

2016 Resort 2016 Swim Week in Miami

An easy way to create a lovely and provocative look is to opt for a swimsuit with these arty and crafty crossed straps.

Crochet Swimsuits and Swimwear SS 2016

Fashion swimwear 2016 summer: knitting or crochet knit imitation

Crochet swimwear or swimsuits with lace-knitted insets look both feminine and sexy. By the way, the designers often make them of modern high-tech fabrics that get dry much faster than their historical predecessors.

Knitted Swimsuit by Victoria's Secret for summer 2016

Boho-Chic Style Swimwear SS 2016

Fringe, ethnic ornaments and weaving are the elements of Boho-chic style, and it’s absolutely perfect for beachwear in summer 2016. To “pair” your boho-chic swimsuit, take a bold straw bag, wear a wide-brim hat and a sarong with floral or whatever print and look gorgeous.

Swimsuits with ethnic designs prints are in vogue in summer 2016

As you can see on the photo, a fringed top paired with a bikini makes another trend. By the way, you might wear same top with shorts, jeans or skirts.

Swimwear with fringed tops SS 2016

Swimwear with fringed tops SS 2016

Retro Style Swimwear SS 2016

Swimwear 2016 Resort Swim Week: Retro style Swimsuits Top the List

As a matter of fact, retro and vintage are always in vogue. All these high-rise waists, ruffles, checks or stripes – all of it is getting modernized and has just a fleur of the fashion of the past.

A swimsuit reflecting 50’s retro style will add a romantic and ladylike touch to your appearance and (it’s also important!) will help to hide some undesirable features of your body. On the other hand, if you are slender, there is no reason that can prevent you to opt for a retro style swimsuit.

Prints on Swimsuits SS 2016

Swimwear with a tropical print for summer 2016
Prints look interesting in all season, but summer is the best time for them. Select a swimsuit with animal print, or with bright tropical drawings, in other words, the one (or the two, or three) you like most. Animal print can mimic leopard or tiger skin or birds’ feathers. Prints sometimes depict the whole beast, while you’ll the Beauty.

Fashionable swimsuits with animal prints for summer 2016

Swimwear Color Scheme Summer 2016

As for color scheme of beachwear, Rose Quartz and Serenity are the main colors in spring and summer 2016. Black and white combinations are also in, and the right combination of b and w will help you to look slimmer or fleshier – depending on the result you want to achieve.

Trendy colors of summer 2016 swimwear

Trendy colors of summer 2016 swimwear

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Here are all trendy hues according to Pantone Color Institute:

Trendy colors of SS 2016 according to Pantone

Trendy colors of SS 2016 according to Pantone

How to Choose a Swimsuit Depending on Your Body Shape

Dark-colored swimsuits with a fine print visually reduce body proportions and make you look slimmer than you actually are. So, say, if you wish you hips look narrower, buy a dark bikini.

Bright-colored swimsuits and swimwear with bright large prints visually enhance proportions.

Cool colors and hues help you look slimmer. Moreover, if you want to keep a person at a considerable distance, wear clothing in cold hues.

Warm colors work opposite. Wearing a swimsuit in warm colors you add some volume to you body, creating at the same time the impression of open and easy-going person.

Beachwear for summer 2016


Anna Lyubarska

Translated by

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