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7 Signs Your Marriage Is Foredoomed to Failure


Even the best relationships have disagreements, but it all depend on the cause of arguments between spouses. And while some lovers’ quarrels lead to just a good sex, there are arguments that challenge a marriage, urge researchers.
I’ve gathered eight causes for arguments that may lead a couple to a divorce, according to numerous researchers.

Here they are.

1. Money Issues Top the List

Are you surprised that the top predictor of split is not children, sex, education or outlooks but the money ?
According to Sonya Britt and her study at a Kansas State University, if you start debating about income and expenses on your honeymoon or earlier, your chances to live happily ever after are low. Moreover, your wealth level doesn’t matter, as arguments can happen between you and your partner even if you both are well-off.

It's all about the money

It’s all about the money Photo Via

2. A Prenup Agreement

If you can’t stop dreaming of a prenup agreement to be concluded, you’d better to think twice of whether you want to get married at all. At least that’s the conclusion of W. Brandford Wilcox who investigated the topic. Wilcox underlines that if you want to get a marital satisfaction, you’d better treat your relations with less pragmatism and with more generosity. The researcher reminds that there exists an easier way to avoid a prenup – it is a cohabitation.
On the other hand, Family and Marriage Research Center claims that having a separate bank accounts strengthens spouses relationships.

I think it’s because separate accounts shorten the reasons for possible disagreements about expenditures described in #1 challenge.

Prenup agreement can play a trick with your marriage

Prenup agreement can play a trick with your marriage Photo Via

3. You didn’t Date for a Long Time

Another interesting fact about divorce reasons is the duration of your dating period. According to researches from Emory University, if you have dated for tree years before you tighten the knot, your chances to stay together 39% higher that of those who have been dating for about a year.

4. You Spent a Fortune on Your Wedding

Same Emory study found out that couples who spent kilo bucks on weddings automatically become the candidates to get the bill of divorce in future. The researchers say that women who spent $5 000 – $10 000 to a wedding are 3.5 times less likely to end up divorced than women with a $20 000 or more thousand dollars wedding bill.

A blowout wedding

A blowout wedding Photo via

I just wonder how many times a couple’s chances to split up  are higher if it has dated for a year and then has a blowup wedding.

5. Your Drinking Habits Differ Dramatically

A research conducted by University of Buffalo states that if a wife or a husband is a heavy drinker, a couple may end up with divorce. However, if you both are sippers, your chances to split up isn’t that high. It again suggests that difference in alcohol consumption, and not  the spirit itself, becomes a problem.

Different drinking habits

Different drinking habits

6. The Age Gap Between a Wife and a Husband

Another Emory study proved that a sizable age gap is an another obstacle to a happy and long-standing union. According to the research data,  partners of the same age are 39% more likely to live together “till death do you part” than spouses with 10-12% age gap.

Unequal match

Unequal match Picture via

7. You Married Young

The National Marriage Project researches confirmed the common belief that spouses who tied the know at about twenty years old have more chances to split up than those who married at the age of about 30.

Romeo and Juliette

Romeo and Juliette Photo via

 I wish you live happily ever after,

Tanya Pochtennykh
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