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Wish List for the New Year 2020. 10 gift ideas for a woman

Present to a Woman to New Year 2016

When choosing a gift for a woman you have to consider, of course, her taste, her interests and your relations with her;

Mix up fantasy, creativity and classical approach in equal proportions it will be not that difficult at all to find a beautiful and desirable gift.

Of course my 10 ideas of a gift for the New Year, (Year of the Fiery Monkey according to the Chinese calendar, by the way) are not all the possible options but I hope they will inspire your fantasy.

So, what to present to a lady for the New Year?

Maybe it’ll be a good idea to buy her a gorgeous dress?

Evening and cocktail dresses will make any woman even more attractive.


A piece of jewelry is a nice present for New Year 2020 I guess

Either jewelry or high quality bijouterie will be a good gift for girls and ladies of all ages.



Or maybe a smart watch? – She’ll like it I bet!


You do remember the style she prefers in ordinary life, don’t you? So it won’t be a problem for to choose watch she’ll like most.

Perfume and Make Up – let her always stay attractive!


1,2 Lipstick and nail polish – choose it according to the lady’s preferences: from a bright saturated red-burgundy colour to a light pinkor a beige.

3,4,5 Eye shadow should be of a neutral shade : beige, gold sand or honey colour. Blusher of a terracotta colour and bronzing powder is good for those who like a suntan look.

6 Perfumes are always beyond comparison – it’s a wonderful and desirable gift. Consider the taste of the lady, of course.

Lingerie must be the best present for her!

Oh, lingerie! Oh beautiful lingerie!

It is a chic gift! And don’t think that it can be only from the beloved one. A friend or sister can also make a good choice: being ladies themselves they first know the female taste in this delicate matter and second understand that besides the beauty, comfort is also very important in this, again, delicate matter.

Not sure that she will love bright red or floral print? – then simply stay with classic: white and black are always in demand.

If you are Gentleman making a gift for your Lady, then the set of red lingerie will be definitely appropriate.

Souvenirs, hand craft, interior stuff…… or chocolate?

There is a big variety of such gifts starting from such funny nonsense as a souvenir monkey and aromatic candles to serious matters like a red armchair for a boudoir or sitting room.

1 Armchair, pouf or a vase you can choose when and if you know the interior where they will live.
2,4,8 Chocolate set, small symbol souvenir can be a good “side dish to main course”, so to say.
3,5 Stationary or a small beautiful box will suit one who likes to keep their life in order.
6,7 Aromatic candle or a bar of handmade soap – it is so nice to treat the skin.

Can accessories and gadgets be a nice New Year present? – Yes, they surely can!


1,2 Sunglasses or a smartphone case will remind one of a warm summer
3,4,5,6 Stylish accessories complete the picture. It’s never too much.
7 Gadgets – for a colourful life.

Photo session, photo book – sweet memories…..


Of course at first one thinks about ” Love Story”. But no… . not necessarily.

We are sure you can make a photo session, including even a group shot, and present it to your friend, sister or daughter.

Romantic night out in a restaurant or favorite cafe


The charm of live music – this is for the hearts in love.

Add to this any of the gifts mentioned above and it will be the night to remember.

Romantic night walk in a glittering winter town – more romance


Romance, romance, romance…..

You definitely have your special places in a town: first date, first kiss….

Combine it with a ” Love Story” photo session – it’s a very good idea. You will be united by memories.

A New Year Trip? WOW!

This is what you can organize for the lady-friend, wife, girl-friend or grown up daughter.

Weekend in Europe? Two weeks in Asia? The choice is really wide. New scenery, new adventures, new impressions and of course a dream come true!


I wish you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Ganna Lyubarska

Translated by

Marina Kramarenko

photos via pinterest.com

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